Sunday, August 25, 2013

So. I'm headed to work. But before I go to the office, I have to clip my fingernails as they are too long to type. After heading to the bathroom and finding the clippers (but not actually clipping my nails, because of course my hair looked bad so I fiddled with it for awhile instead); while doing that, over my shoulder, I spy several pieces of clothing I need to take with me to Bob's tonight. I fold them and then wonder if I've lost enough weight to take along that (insert adjective) blouse from the other bedroom's closet. On my way there, I say -- forget that, let's try on that favorite white wool coat to see if THAT fits. That's in the hall closet. After satisfying myself it fits nicely, I hang it back up. That's when the trouble starts because I see the game "Outburst" which is a whole lot of fun, up on the shelf above. Justin Verhulst has been asking that we get together play some games with his wife and Bob Verhulst, so I begin to try to extricate Outburst from the shelf. It has other games on top of it - Yahtzee and Scrabble. I yank on it anyway. That's when the cup of dice I didn't see plunges into the depths of the closet, which by the way, has no light. Oh dear......That's when the real fun begins. Hours later, here is what I learned. (1) Strange things hide in the closet such as (a) broken golf clubs, (b) bottles of glitter {and glitter glue}, (c) 5,000 baseball caps, (d) Dog fur (I'm convinced dog fur never decomposes. Ever). 2) Easter egg string lights deserve to be hidden but the closet isn't forever enough; and 3) One woman does not need 10 winter scarves, a movie camera tripod from 1998, or Rollerblade knee pads. The closet is now cleaner, but someday the rest of that stuff I don't need is going to have to go. I'm not parting with my childhood ice skates though. Nope. Not ever. I'll strap them on when I'm 80 and get up on that ice. After I clean the closet, that is.