Friday, March 28, 2008

Where's Wes?

Relatives are beginning to ask: It's almost time for the season opener: where's Wesley? Well, he's done now with Spring Training and in Visalia, California, where he'll join the DBacks farm team "The Visalia Oaks." Here's a link to his schedule:

I think you can listen to games free on the Web site.

Below is their report on Wes on their Web site, which you can also find at:

"Taken out of Cal State-Fullerton with a supplemental first-round pick last spring, Roemer was limited to just 12 innings at Yakima after a heavy workload in college. He'll be free to show what he can do at Visalia to start 2008.

With a potentially plus slider and a fastball in the low 90s, he has good makeup and a big-league demeanor. The club has high hopes for him. "We're getting him the foundation to kick start his career, command and the ability to use his fastball and mix his pitches," Hinch explained. "He loves to compete and pitch inside and that makes it a lot easier to work with him."
Audio: Roemer fans two with the bases loaded

Let the games begin! Hey~! Get up off that chair~!

Listen to Wes on for $14 for the whole season.

Other family news: Jon begins his OWN season as Dakota Indians varsity baseball ramps up its season. All the talk about Jon now is where he'll be going to college.

Isn't Spring fun?

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