Sunday, July 29, 2012

Boys will be boys I guess.....

Boys will be boys I guess..... photo by Tim Evearitt Pitcher Zach Lee had finished his warmups, Barons' second baseman Tyler Saladino was ready to step into the batter's box to start Friday's game when the umpires called time out. Standing on the field silently in front of the Birmingham bullpen was Salvador Sanchez and facing Sanchez, standing on the field in front of the Chattanooga bullpen, was Lookouts' pitcher Wes Roemer. As the players, benches, umpires, and fans waited and waited, the two pitchers continued to stand silently in what appeared to be an old fashioned game of who will be the first to move. Neither man was going to give in. Eventually, third base umpire Carlos Torres walked out and said something to Sanchez who turned and went into the Barons' bullpen. Meanwhile, Roemer raised his hands in victory. At last the game began.

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