Friday, June 22, 2007

Babies Orchard Orioles~!

This may not look like much at first glance, but it's the coolest thing to hit my backyard since the bluebirds came in 2005. This is a nest of four baby Orchard Orioles. The baby on top was out of the nest two days after I shot this on June 20. The parents are pretty cool: the female is a yellow-green and very petite (see below, center).... ... and the male is a strawberry roan color with a black hood on his head and throat (see below, left). They sing a pretty song but are very fussy whenever I get near their nest. The nest is built of finely woven grassy strings. The female weaves the teacup-shaped nest onto the braches, weaving it tightly so it doesn't fall out and she even weaves it so leaves cover the nest. It was hard to get this photo. Orchard Orioles are of special concern because their flocks are decreasing in numbers. While they are not yet endangered, they well could be, so this pair was very special in my backyard. Click on the picture of babies for more detail. Note the baby on the left -- his eye is looking right at me.

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