Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blackbeard, aka Edward Teach, lived in N. Carolina

Here's Blackbeard's home in Bath, N. Carolina. Click on the photo to read the sign. This was not the most interesting site in N. Carolina, though.

Below is a photo of me at Pimlico Beach, where we drove forever looking at people's homes with their crab cages stacked up in front.
We were amazed by the coast at Pimlico Beach mostly because there was no beach at Pimlico. In fact, there wasn't much at ALL at Pimlico. We were happy though because we found Klondike bars and pecan rolls at a gas station where the lady still lets people sign on an "account" when they buy gasoline. We wanted to set up an account but somehow, she knew we weren't locals. The fancy Chevy Avio we rented could have been a her first clue.

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